2 Easy Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipes for You

To beat the summer heat with something really yum and tasty is what this article is all about. Everyone loves chocolate, in drinks, milkshakes, as a topping, or cream-filled shavings, or even just a bar is enough to transport most people to heaven. And rarely do you come across individuals; children and adults alike who do not relish the taste of chocolate. This is probably the reason why one can use chocolate or its flavor in so many types of dishes.

Now one may wonder, frozen and hot chocolate together? It is hot because one needs to melt chocolate pieces or shavings in the top of a double boiler over boiling water, and it is frozen because one needs to use either chilled milk or ice cubes with melted chocolate while blending it. Before we get down to some recipes, let me tell you a few things associated with it.

Hot Chocolate Mix: This mix is nothing but a prepackaged chocolate mix that is made of your favorite chocolates (a blend of cocoas) with some added flavors.

Calorie Content: 3.52 ounces of the drink would contain approximately 144 calories. This of course also depends on the kind of chocolate, milk, cream, etc. one adds to make this beverage.

Recipe 1

• Hot chocolate mix, 1 tsp
• Chocolate, ¼ ounce
• Skim milk, 1 cup
• Sugar, 1 tbsp
• Ice cubes, 1 cup
• Whipped cream, 2 tbsp
• Chocolate shavings, 1 tsp

Make small pieces of the chocolate by chopping them into small pieces. Melt it by placing the pieces in the top of a double boiler over boiling water. Add the hot chocolate mix and sugar, and stir continuously until all ingredients blend well. Make sure no lumps are remaining. Remove from heat, add ¼ cup of milk. Stir until smooth. Set aside to cool to room temperature. Pour the milk and chocolate mixture in a blender along with remaining milk and the ice cubes. Pulse on high speed. Pour into your favorite glass or goblet and top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Recipe 2

• Chocolates of your favorite flavor, 3 ounces, grounded
• Hot chocolate mix, 1½ heaped tbsp
• Whole milk, 1 cup
• Granulated sugar, ½ tbsp
• Ice cubes, 1 cup
• Whipped cream, 2 tbsp

While making hot chocolate drinks, try using differently flavored chocolates like the white or dark chocolate to add that extra zing to your beverage. Boil one cup of milk, simmer and add the ground chocolate, sugar and hot chocolate mix. Stir until everything is dissolved. Remove from heat, add the remaining milk and cool to room temperature. Pour it in the blender, add 1½ tablespoon of whipped cream and ice cubes. Add more milk if you want to make your drink more slushy.

To make your frozen chocolate drink more yummy and tempting, top it with a large helping of whipped cream, chocolate whipped cream would be better, and loads of chocolate shavings!